Have you looked in the mirror and dreamed of a straighter, whiter, bigger, or smoother smile? Whether it is Dental Crowns, Veneers, or Teeth Whitening, Essex Family Dental has the experience in designing a treatment that is tailored to your needs.
We provide general and preventative dentistry services in the Essex community. Fillings, crowns, bridges and implants are common restorative options to replace missing or damaged teeth. Our dental team emphasizes the importance of ongoing hygiene procedures and daily practices to prevent tooth decay and infection

In a dental emergency, the sooner you seek treatment, the better. Our dentists are here to assist you right away. Call the office at:

We are committed to creating healthy smiles. When your teeth are properly aligned, the health benefits are clear. Book your consultation with the Essex Family Dental team today!

Teeth aligners - clear braces

The next best thing to a natural tooth is a dental implant. A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium. It is placed to replace the root of the natural tooth. An artificial crown is attached to the implant. The implant acts as an anchor to hold the replacement tooth in place.

At Essex Family Dental, we provide our patients with professionally designed and custom-fitted mouth guards and dental appliances. These high-quality appliances serve to protect and support your teeth. your teeth.

    1. Night Guards
    2. Sports Mouth Guards
    3. Retainers
    4. Dentures

Our Dentists & Dental Hygienists are happy to offer an array of services depending on your child’s needs, from basic cleanings to dental appliances such as braces. Our staff is able to offer your child advice when it comes to healthy brushing and flossing habits, so they can continue the upkeep of their dental hygiene at home.